Name: Vow, https://www.vowfood.com

Based in: Sydney, Australia

This is a cultured meat company, known for their kangaroo dumplings. This is cells taken from a biopsy from an animal then grown in a medium (the details of which are not disclosed but they do currently use foetal bovine serum). The donor animal is currently killed. The stem cells used 'haven't yet decided what type of cell to become', I think that means they are embryonic stem cells? They hope to develop a new medium so as not to have to use blood/serum (foetal bovine serum) in their medium and are not interested in creating cell-based meat of traditionally domesticated species such as beef or pork.

More information: the goal of the company is to create a new type of meat for instance combining kangaroo and pork meat, or exotic species rather than domesticated species, that are not currently available to purchase. With this in mind they are building a cell library with the longer term goal of making new meat products available.  (https://avidresearch.com.au/?episodeId=035).

Inventors: George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith



Image snips from Vow.