Name: Vow, https://www.vowfood.com

Based in: Sydney, Australia

This is a cultured meat company, the cells of an animal are taken from a biopsy from an animal then grown in juice/medium. The donor animal is currently killed, they hope to change this in the future. The stem cells used 'haven't yet decided what type of cell to become', I think that means they are embryonic stem cells? They hope to develop a new medium so as not to have to use blood/serum (foetal bovine serum) in their medium.

More information: the goal of the company is to create a new type of meat for instance combining kangaroo and pork meat, as well as build a massive cell library (https://avidresearch.com.au/?episodeId=035).

Inventors: George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith



Image snips from Vow.